Strumming pattern? You DON’T need it


So a lot of people want to know strumming patterns for their favourite songs. I was one of them too. I wanted to play just like the original sounds like. The truth is…. you don’t need any patterns. This is how you will stay in the place where you started. You might agree that you all want to grow. You want to get better at guitar playing. So this is what you need to do:

  1. Do everything what you can’t do. All what it takes is patience and you will see results. Take the risk and go for it. You can’t play fingerstyle, than play fingerstyle. Say to yourself that you can’t play fingerstyle YET. This is a thing about learning something. You never be a pro without practice. No one haven’t born with guitar playing skills. It all was tought.
  2. Don’t think too much. Of course you have to think about chords and the lyrics, but forget about that just for awhile. (Forget what I just said. Don’t forget about chords.)
  3. Practice with youtube videos or find a teacher. I rather prefer youtube because it doesn’t cost anything and I can practise when I want to, where I want to and how long I want to. There is that thing – being in your own room or in your own house helps alot.

So now let’s talk about strumming patterns. You might not believe me but strumming patterns keeps you away from success. So how can you learn to play without strumming pattern?

First, start just by strumming down once whenever you feel needed (mostly is once at every chord – might be more if one chord had to be played for a long time). At this point don’t think about the words of the song. Humming helps. If you know the words then you might want to sing, which is totally ok. You may sing and strum together.

When you got this point, just start everything from the start. Start just by strumming down once every chord and when you feel ready, start to play guitar. Make your own strumming pattern. Don’t think about what your strumming pattern would look like on paper (don’t even think about those DDUD D stuff). Think about the rhythm. When I started to play like that, I mostly started with chord part. Probably because it’s the easiest part to remember. The problem is – I still don’t know any of the patterns that I have played. When I start to think about the pattern I mess up.

You might not get a success fast, but you will get it. And this is how you will be able to play any song without practising before.


Hope it helps to you. And now take your guitar and practise.


Always yours,



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