20 facts about you.

I really want someone of you to write in the comments 20 facts about youself. Otherwise I feel a bit embarrasing.

Here are 20 facts about me.

  1. My real name is Cintya
  2. My star sign is Aquarius
  3. My favourite color is very light blue. Something like this. I think it’s called baby blue Baby_Blue_Rose
  4. I have 1 twinbrother and 1 sister
  5. My shoe size is European 38.5
  6. Favourite holidays are Christmas
  7. I can play guitar, piano and a little bit of drums
  8. Favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla
  9. I love hugs. Preson who invented #freehugs day is awesome.
  10. I can’t walk in high heels
  11. My eye colour varies depending on the light. It varies from golden brown to almost black.
  12. My best friend is… all of my family
  13. I can’t ice skate
  14. I love horse riding
  15. I eat sushi only with mayonnaise or without anything.
  16. I don’t like olives
  17. I love all of the animals
  18. In summers I used to work in a little universal shop
  19. I’m scared of dentists
  20. I’m a fan of yoga

So now I want to hear a 20 facts from you.



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