My thoughts of don’t judge challenge

You probably all have heard of don’t judge challenge. I have seen people doing those things and now I want to write something about it.

Have you ever had those bad days? I mean – you look like crap, don’t want to go out and so on. The truth is that it’s not possible to be perfect. And what I know is that others don’t really care about how you look. They won’t avoid you just because you have acne or freckles. (Actually, freckles can be very cute).

In those videos you see many people making themselves look ugly and then show themselves extremely attractive.

Maybe I don’t understand the reason for this challenge. I think the meaning of this challenge is “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Unfortunately, it does totally opposite.

What I don’t understand is why girls put a lot of make-up on their faces and show “real” them. This isn’t the truth and might drive them into self-harm just because they will never be so beautiful. Maybe they have to show real them and then we might appreciate their honesty and natural beauty.


Let’s be honest – she wears a lot of makeup. (foundation, concealer, the face is contoured, lipstick, eye shadows, fake lashes, maybe her brows are also colored a bit).


Also a lot of fake things going on here.


What can I say… This guy is gorgeous. Looks like guys are more honest than girls.


This picture shows that girls use too much makeup. She would look beautiful naturally. All she has to do is use a bit of lip balm so her lips would be soft. And if she wants her eyes to be more expressive, just use a mascara.



Want to say special thanks to them. They showed the reality. What they did was totally opposite. First, they showed themselves with makeup and then they showed themselves without makeup. Thank you both for your confidence. And I can say that they are BEAUTIFUL. 


What I’m trying to say is rock with what you got. Show the real you a bit more. I don’t believe that someone who can’t show real themselves in public will be honest with me. Good looks is a tiny thing. Let your personality pop out.

You all are beautiful and if someone tells you that your not, they have problems and they have to solve them. Trust me, they are not worth your time.

And if your day sucks than maybe this will cheer you up.

My rooster also want to take a part in don’t judge challenge


Have a lovely day,

Always yours,




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