Sounds so easy. Love. Just one word. Shouldn’t take much to say or write. Have you ever thought why are we so scared of this word? Have you ever thought what exactly love is? As I said, it’s just one word, but why is it so hard to say?

We might say “I love you” to a friend or someone who we just met, but right now I want to talk about people that matter the most – people that make a big difference in our lives.

People love hearing the word “LOVE”. But why don’t we say them? Everyone likes the feeling of being important. I think we are too scared of admitting or feelings because we are scared of rejection. Also, another thing that might bother is being scared of losing someone we love. We know that someday we will lose them and I don’t know why, but there is that feeling – if we admit that we love someone, they leave us faster. They might pass by and we will be brokenhearted. The truth is that people die no matter if we say that we love them or we don’t.

I am also scared of hearing the word “Love”. Probably because it’s a big responsibility to not hurt this person. I might be flattered but also extremely scared. That’s what it is.

My advice to everyone (myself including):

Stop being scared of loving someone and being loved. This is one of the worst and best things at the same time. You are risking and opening your heart but it’s worth it. Another thing – don’t be scared of love and admitting your feelings. Someday you may regret that you didn’t do it. After all – we won’t regret what we have done, we will regret what we haven’t done.


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