6 things I wish I knew BEFORE I travelled to Germany

I always wanted to travel and see a world. There were a lot of things going in my life (good and bad) so buying a plane ticket seemed like a good thing to go. It was some kind of escape from myself. I just discovered workaway.info. It’s a website where you pay a small amount of money in order to be able to contact thousands of hosts (you have to work a bit and you get accommodation and food for free) for 1 year.

But everything wasn’t as great as I thought.

1.Plan your trip a long time before your plane take off

It seems pretty simple but if you don’t use travel agencies this is not going to be that easy. First thing – try to find the cheapest flights available if you want to save some money. And also try to find the best hotels. I regret that I never looked at public transport routes. It would save me a lot of time. When my plane landed it was already dark but just because I wanted to save money again I didn’t take a taxi. I wanted to use a bus. My hotel wasn’t far away from the airport but the bus route was much longer than I thought. Another reason for this tip is that a lot of plane tickets and hotels are much cheaper if you buy them a long time before.

2.Have some cash instead of only having a credit card

In Germany, it is useful if you have some euros in your pocket. You might have to pay a bigger tax in some shops just because you have foreign credit card account. It may happen and may not happen. It’s only valid in some shops not all of them. Also booking a transport ticket is much easier because some of the transport machines don’t accept credit cards (unless if you have Visa or Maestro).

3.Don’t travel only with hand luggage if you stay for a long time

I stayed in Germany for 3 months. And my idea was that I will just take some stuff that fits into my hand luggage. Others I will buy later. It was the worst decision ever made by me. I ended up with buying a trolley for luggage and some new stull because it got really cold. In the end, it was expensive because there were no sales at that time. This tip leads me to next tip.

4.Understanding how expensive or cheap is your next destination.

Just because a lot of people are saying that Germany is cheap, it’s not always true. Check some information about your possible expenses.

5.Traveling on weekends is risky

If you use a train and go to another city you should know that bahn.de will be lying about train schedule. They are publishing only the schedule that is accurate in working days. This is a reason why I had to sleep in the train station.

6.Knowing about airbnb.com

This is one of the best ways to find a place to stay. It is quite cheap and you also may ask for some information. For example, your host may give you some information about best restaurants and places to see. It is really good if you are not traveling alone. In hotels, you might have to pay extra money if you are not alone but in Airbnb you can find some hosts that are ok with more than one person in their house. And they don’t ask for extra money.






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