Southern Comfort Zone – meaning behing lyrics

So I just bought a CD Brad Paisley – Wheelhouse. I can say – this is one of the best albums in the whole world. All of the songs are without any rules, outside the box. This is why this album is so great. The first song (we’re not going to count intro music) of the album is Southern Comfort Zone.

When your wheelhouse is the land of cotton,
The first time you leave it can be strange, it can be shocking

First time leaving a home is one of the scariest things in the world. And you want to know why? Because you always have lied in your comfort zone. Every day is more or less the same. Any changes in daily schedule are going to be scary.

Not everybody drives a truck, not everybody drinks sweet tea
Not everybody owns a gun, wears a ball cap boots and jeans
Not everybody goes to church or watches every NASCAR race
Not everybody knows the words to “Ring Of Fire” or “Amazing Grace”

Also, my life is good. I’m a cowboy so I know how to drive trucks, know how to shoot (I’m probably even really good at it). I’m just being me, being unique. So just because I’m living my life doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Oh, Dixie Land,
I hope you understand
When I miss my Tennessee Home
And I’ve been away way too long
I can’t see this world unless I go
Outside my Southern Comfort Zone

Yes, I love my place, my home but if I want to experience something new, I have to risk. I have to move, I have to make “crazy” decisions. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be a time when I will think that I have to give up and go back to my usual life, but I can’t listen to that. At least not now.

(If you see this line as something about love, it’s ok. The best thing about being a human is imagination. So if you see this that way – I had a great life with my parents or alone. But I want to experience something different, there is nothing wrong with wanting more. So I have to be brave and take a risk.)

I have walked the streets of Rome, I have been to foreign lands
I know what it’s like to talk and have nobody understand
I have seen the Eiffel Tower lit up on a Paris night
I have kissed a West Coast girl underneath the Northern Lights
I know what it’s like to be the only one like me,
To take a good hard look around and be a minority

So I packed my bags again. I have seen the places that everyone knows but not everyone has been.

(You can also say this about feelings. For example, I fell in love. It’s the thing that everyone knows but not everyone gets). So I took a risk and got out of my comfort zone (started the conversation, opened up to someone even though it is nerve wrecking) – in the result, I fell in love and I am happy now.)

And I Miss my Tennessee home
I can see the ways that I grown
I can’t see this world unless I go
Outside my Southern Comfort Zone

Just because I left doesn’t mean I will forget everything. I will still remember who am I, where I come from and I will remember all special people in my life.

I miss your biscuits and your gravy
Fireflies dancing in the night
You have fed me, You have saved me
Billy Graham and Martha White

I am thankful for being my best friend (whatever you heard – land, mother, father or someone else). Thank you for taking care of me. I will never forget what you did for me and how special place/person you are.

I have since become a drifter
And I just can’t wait to pack
Cause I know the route I leave on
It will always bring me back

I know that whatever I do, I will always be able to come back. There will always be a place where I fit in. And I will always be welcomed.

I never try to tell someone that this is the right meaning behind lyrics. Just open your mind and heart and find your own meaning.

I hope you all have a great day today. One of the best days of your life.

Always Yours





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